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Flanagan, Richard


Richard Flanagan was born in Longford, Tasmania in 1961. His novels, Death of A River Guide, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Gould's Book of Fish, The Unknown Terrorist, and Wanting have received numerous honours and are published in twenty six countries. He directed a feature film version of The Sound of One Hand Clapping. A collection of his essays is published as And What Do You Do Mr Gable?

ISBN: 9781525268304
Pages: 488
Large Print 16 pt
AU$ 54.99
More Editions: Braille
ISBN: 9781459686434
Pages: 568
Large Print 16 pt
AU$ 49.99
More Editions: Braille
ISBN: 9781459675544
Pages: 312
Large Print 16 pt
AU$ 39.99
More Editions: Braille